When You have been recommended chemotherapy it is normal to feel incredibly overwhelmed and scared. Most patients will come with preconceived ideas of what chemotherapy will entail, whether from friends, family or the media.

To Help reduce these anxieties, the oncology nurse practitioner at St Vincent`s Private East Melbourne will meet with you prior to commencing chemotherapy to discuss potential side effects of the chemotherapy you have been prescribed, as well as planning prevention and management strategies to help reduce the impact on your quality of life.

Cancer.Net offers several resources to help you keep track of your symptoms and side effects:

Cancer Aid app – app to help track side effects

Complementary Therapy

Memorial Sloan Kettering`s ‘About Herbs’ app provides comprehansive, objective information about herbs, botanicals, suppliments, complimentary therapies and more:

Scalp Cooling

Some chemotherapy medications will cause hair loss. Please discuss with the oncology nurse practitioner if scalp cooling is beneficial for your prescribed chemotherapy. If you proceed with scalp cooling you will need to bring with you:

Small amount of hair conditioner; hair elastic; elastic headband; blanket; hair comb

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