Deciding when and how much to tell your children about your diagnosis can be difficult. See below available resources to help you tell your children and to help them understand breast cancer.


The Medikidz comic is recommended for 8-12 year olds and is available to order through BCNA website:

Cancer Council

Cancer council’s website provides advice on how to speak to children of all ages about cancer:


CanTeen’s parenting through cancer booklet provides parents with adolescent or young adult children with common questions and issues many parents with cancer face. You can also link your children (12-25yrs) to CanTeen to get free youth-specific support. Encourage them to join the online community and connect with other young people impacted by cancer.

See: or call 1800 835 932

Children’s Books

Recommended reading

My Mum has breast cancer: A families Cancer Journey by Lisa Sewards, Harrison Sewards, Helen Grizinich

Cancer Hates Kisses by Jessica Reid

Big Tree is Sick by Nathalie Slosse & Rocio Del Moral

How do you care for a very sick bear? by Vanessa Bayer


Counterpart has a library from which you can borrow books:

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