Bras / Prothesis

Bras and breast forms

Genevieve Gort at Breast Care Victoria provides a customised and caring lingerie and breast form fitting service for women who have undergone breast surgery. Genevieve provides a one to one, personal, professional and totally private consultation and fitting service. Speak with your breast care nurse prior to your surgery and an appointment can be arranged to be fitted with a breast form. Alternatively, Genevieve offers a mobile service to fit you with your bra and breast form whilst in hospital.

Further information:

External Breast Prosthesis

An external breast prosthesis is an artificial breast that is worn under clothing to imitate the shape of the breast. The Australian Government provides financial support for the purchase of new or replacement prosthesis through Medicare Australia. See link below to access the reimbursement program.

Reimbursement program:

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