Skin care and Chemotherapy

Skin care does not need to change when you commence chemotherapy. If during treatment it does become dry, then Aveeno, Uroderm, Moogoo or Dermaveen moisturisers and body washes are a good starting point.

Some chemotherapy drugs may irritate the nails; rubbing oil into the cuticles will help keep the nail bed healthy. Keep nails cut short and if you want you can apply nail hardener. For any specific irritation during treatment contact your Oncology Nurse Practitioner.

Skin care and Radiation

It is very common that radiotherapy to the breast can cause skin reddening and irritation. This skin reaction can develop by the second and third week of treatment and can worsen towards the end. This usually settles down in the two weeks following completion of treatment. There are a number of things you can do to care for your skin in preparation for treatment, during and after treatment which include applying a moisturising cream twice daily to the breast/chest area, neck and underarm and switching to soap free washes that are gentler on the skin. Products include:  MOO GOO, dermaveen soap free wash , QV gentle wash, Cetaphil ultra-gentle refreshing body wash. If you have any concerns about your skin and skin care during your treatment contact your breast care or radiation oncology nurse.

Make up

Look good feel better – free workshop for skincare, make-up and headwear tip and tricks:

Thinkpink offers beauty workshops designed to offer practical tips on how to look and feel better about your body whilst regaining back control as well as offering an opportunity to meet and share stories with other women experiencing a similar journey. For further information visit :

Wigs, hats and scarves

Headwear suppliers include the following:

cancercouncil- Wig Library

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