Work, Financial and Practical Assistance

Superannuation and insurance payments

Further information:

Managing work finances and breast cancer

Deciding whether to work during your breast cancer treatment or take time off differs from person to person with no right or wrong answer. It is dependent on many factors which can include flexibility and support from your work place, financial situation and personal preference.

See below further information provided from BCNA and Cancer council Victoria to assist in this decision process.

For Further information on what is available to breast cancer patients regarding financial support see below:

Please speak with your Oncology Nurse Practitioner or Breast Care Nurse if you would like to be linked in with a Social Worker.

Rural Patients

Treatment options for breast cancer can be limited in some rural areas and travel to another city or town can put increased stress on your work, family and financial situation.

See below further practical information when travelling for treatment:

Travel and accommodation reimbursement claim form:

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